some antics + youtube + more + swearing is not optional

more antics

a little sniff of what I’ve done, do, etc…or at least what I can tell you about and not have to murder you directly after I whisper work secrets…I may have already said too much

art related

  • book covers
  • podcast cover
  • sold my paintings (one for ~$10k)

tech-y stuff

  • websites
  • front-end design
  • a bit o’ back-end

show biz stuff

  • exec producer
  • producer
  • documentary

even more antics

wow for a writer this headline is very impressive

business-y stuff

  • World Trade Centre Vancouver Advisory Committee
  • Business Plans
  • MBA Advisor to learners on theses
  • set up accounting systems
  • set up extended health programs

serious stuff

  • Opening events of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights


  • CBC’s The Debaters

def not up-to-date

The above is kind of halfway together.

This will NEVER be up-to-date. Deal.

There’s way more but I’m busy working on IT.

k, talk soon