I messed us up ON PURPOSE

That’s Lorne Cardinal on the left with the TOOTHY neck tattoo and ME, Monique Hurteau, on the right with the chin teeth and also with a neck tattoo, LOBSTER MAFIA 4 LIFE.

Why did I EFF UP what was a perfectly lovely photo? (it was lovely)

It was a selfie Lorne took of us at the private screening of Corner Gas Animated and the background was filled with a bunch of animators and I am not unintentionally insinuating they’re hideous cave-dwelling trolls who would not look good on camera – they’re quite lovely AND also lovely people btw – I just really needed a photo of us for an international trade mission package I was designing and figured they may not want to travel abroad without being asked first…so I threw this weirdo design together AND got a WONDERFUL compliment from a guy named David from an excellent company in Mexico we hope to work with.

He said the website and such (I built it all around this photo…the humour etc) made him feel like he knew who we were (which was a VERY GOOD THING). It also helps self-select people out who are perhaps too conservative and “don’t get it” and that’s perfect.

k, bye

ps…I stuck some of our stuff over at and it’s also in transition.

k, bye again for real this time